Our "Top 10:" 1

Creature Comforts.  It was originally a 1989 British humorous animated short film about how animals feel about living in a zoo.  There was an American adaptation and a primetime series.  Freedictionary.com defines creature comforts as, "material things or luxuries that help to provide for one's bodily comfort."

What are your creature comforts?  We're willing to surmise most are at home because you choose pretty much everything in your dwelling.  Feature #1 of Hallman Hill: comfort!  Luxe living indoors and out (scroll down for Our "Top 10:" 2-9).  Ours is a a beautiful view on life, and there are 5 opportunities (units) available to enjoy it with us.  There's also still time to enjoy our award-winning courtyard this year.  Ah, fall.