Our "Top 10:" 1

Creature Comforts.  It was originally a 1989 British humorous animated short film about how animals feel about living in a zoo.  There was an American adaptation and a primetime series.  Freedictionary.com defines creature comforts as, "material things or luxuries that help to provide for one's bodily comfort."

What are your creature comforts?  We're willing to surmise most are at home because you choose pretty much everything in your dwelling.  Feature #1 of Hallman Hill: comfort!  Luxe living indoors and out (scroll down for Our "Top 10:" 2-9).  Ours is a a beautiful view on life, and there are 5 opportunities (units) available to enjoy it with us.  There's also still time to enjoy our award-winning courtyard this year.  Ah, fall.

Our "Top 10": 2 & 3

Sunlight, daylight, aurora lights, twinkly lights . . . all kinds of lights conjure images in our minds.  Lighting is an extremely important factor in the arts and in home design. Whether through task, accent or ambient lighting, the perfect amount and quality is always in mind. Feature #2 of residences at Hallman Hill: gotta-see-it-to-believe-it natural lighting!

The Golden Arches may be the most iconic in modern history or pop culture, but arches appeared as early as the 2nd millennium BC, and ancient Romans were the first to systematically use them. Whether they're load bearing or purely aesthetic, you don't have to visit Rome or Paris to enjoy them daily. Feature #3 of Hallman Hill: arches! All of our available residences prominently feature them. Home beautiful home.

Our "Top 10": 4

It's a dog's life. The expression brings to mind happiness, peacefulness, free spiritedness, and yes, naps. The benefits of owning a pet are many.They make you smile, and some say they make you live longer. They're proven to relieve stress, help children grow and learn, and they're always waiting on you to come home--and they're happy to see you. Feature #4 of Hallman Hill: We're pet friendly.  With spacious units, stairs (for exercising) and elevators, enclosed courtyard and miles of walking right out the door leading to parks and green space, Hallman Hill welcomes man's best friend (or feline). There's even a vet around the corner and a pet salon literally across the street. Home sweet home for your entire family!

Our "Top 10": 5

There are many ways to start your day: a wholesome breakfast, prayer/meditation, exercise, caffeine, news, and not to mention, a song or a smile. Whatever your routine, it most likely includes a shower.  We think a slate tile shower such as this (feature #5) is a great way to start the day. You see it includes a seat should you need to steam awake. The spacious bathroom also includes a tub, in case you need a soak when you get home. Stop by and see for yourself!

Our "Top 10": 6 & 7

Birmingham, AL is home to many arts: symphony, ballet, bands, theater, galleries, events such as ArtWalk and, of course, the culinary arts.  One of our residents is a concertgoer and created a gallery wall of concert photos in his unit. That's feature #7: wall space! It is your canvas. 

As we enjoy the arts of our local scene, we southerners also enjoy the approach of fall. College football is in the air, which is clearer and cooler at night.  Even holiday buzz is beginning.  That means wardrobe changes, and feature #6 at Hallman Hill is an enjoyable luxury: walk-in closets.  They're a space for any man, woman, teen, child -- or even pup that likes to hide. 

Our "Top 10": 8

The key to any solid structure is its foundation.  The key to any beautiful room is it's floor?  In this available unit, we think so!  Just think, these ebony finish hardwood floors could be the stage for your living room.  The look and feel could be modern, tranditional, tropical, artsy . . . however you like it.  Call Misty at 205-802-7400 to see for yourself.